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Our Team

Hadley Dannie pumpkin patch.jpg

Dannie Garrett 

CEO/Founder/Master Sugarist
Licensed Cosmetologist

Dannie is a local single mother of a 3 year old daughter, who had a dream to create her own sugaring paste and other post hair removal products for her clients. After many failed attempts and burnt pots and pans, she finally found her perfect recipe for her sugaring pastes and products. 


She wanted to share her environmentally friendly organic products not only with her clients but with other aestheticians. She started teaching the ancient technique of Body Sugaring, but the most important thing she wanted to share was how important inclusivity is when providing services to clients, especially intimate hair removal services. 

Some clients have trauma, especially with certain areas of the body and it is her mission to make sure all folks feel welcomed and safe. She is a trauma survivor herself and her sole’s purpose is to help clients feel welcome, safe, and beautiful. 

When you support Bend Body Sugaring, you’re supporting a single mother who left a domestic violence relationship to provide a safe world for her daughter. A trauma survivor who strives to help other survivors. A business owner who wants to lift up other aestheticians and help in any way she can whether it is sharing knowledge, experience, or a helping hand. 

Never in her wildest dreams did her inner little girl predict this amazing journey.

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