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Wholesale Samples

We are happy to offer a free sample set of our unique sugaring hair removal products. Still, to handle the volume of sample requests, we ask that you ONLY request a sample if you are a practicing esthetician licensed by your state. You are running an active Sugaring or Waxing hair removal business. We will verify the business address, phone number, and website for the business before shipping a free sample kit. I appreciate your understanding. You will receive the following.

1-  8oz container of paste:
- Soft
- Medium

- Hard

Additionally, you'll receive:

- 1 x Mini Perfecting Powder
- 1 x 2ml Mini Cleanser
- 1 x 5gram Inground Treatment Scrub
- 1 x 2ml Healing Oil

This sample bundle offers a taste of our entire product range, allowing you to experience the full benefits of our product line. Whether testing different paste consistencies or trying our additional products, this bundle provides a comprehensive sampling experience.


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